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Muscular Micky is building on titles -Northants Evening Telegraph 5th July 2010

Mr Muscletalk 2010 (tel)

A MULTIPLE bodybuilding champion has added another title to his trophy cabinet.

Personal trainer Micky McKay was crowned Mr Muscletalk 2010 at a qualifying event in Bedford for the national under 80kg national finals.

Mr McKay, 47, of Oxford Road, Corby, took part in the regional qualifier on June 27 and ended up not only winning his class, but also winning the overall title on the day and being crowned Mr Muscletalk 2010. He will now compete for the under 80kg British title in Nottingham in October.

Mr McKay runs his own personal training business Fitness 121 in Corby, and has featured in the pages of the Evening Telegraph on many occasions in the past after winning British bodybuilding titles.

He gets up at 5.45am every day to start his cardio-vascular work. He follows a punishing training schedule four times a day to ensure he is successful. He is also required to follow a very strict dietry regime which packs in lots of protein to help him work on his physique.

Mr McKay said: “I’ve been dieting for seven months. It is oats in the morning with protein powder, six protein shakes a day and chicken and broccoli. “I eat eight times a day. I have 49 meals a week and I’m allowed one ‘cheat’ meal as we call it, which is something like a Chinese meal.”

“I train clients and sometimes I’m training twice as hard as they are. It makes it all worthwhile when you win but I have to sacrifice a lot of my life. To win was fantastic. Some of the competitors were 20 years younger than me. It goes to show you aren’t past it when you reach 40.”

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